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About Me


I'm a Board-Certified Family Physician with a secondary certification in Obesity Medicine. I decided to become an Independent Pampered Chef Consultant to have a better work-life balance and to leverage my skills as a physician to provide healthy recipes, cooking tips, and healthful lifestyle tips to a larger audience on the Internet than I could with my 1-to-1 interactions with patients in an office or clinic setting. I am excited to be of service in this new venture!

I'm also looking forward to hosting Pampered Chef parties and introducing others to practical and time-saving Pampered Chef products. I look forward to helping others become Independent Pampered Chef Consultants and to raise money for local and international nonprofits through the sales of products.

You can read more about why I became a Pampered Chef Consultant here. Maybe you will be inspired to make the decision that can free up your time and provide the challenges and rewards of owning your own business.

To your health and wealth!

Margie C. Sweeney, MD, OFS, CPC, Dipl ABOM

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