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Join me today through next Friday for #myvirtualLAUNCHparty. We'll have games, prizes, and lots of fun! Join before Monday and comment to be entered in the Early Bird drawing! My Facebook group is at where you can join and get alerts in your news feed about the games and prizes being awarded. Message me at if you have any questions! It should be lots of fun. I hope to see you there!

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Updated: Sep 6, 2021

This blog is available in video format at

You will have your own why which may be based on one or more of the following reasons:

  • earn or replace your current income

  • supplement your income for things you currently can’t afford

  • build up your retirement nest egg

  • become debt-free

  • be your own boss

  • flexible work schedule

  • build your own team

  • earn free Pampered Chef products, free vacations, or other incentives

  • stretch beyond your current abilities and/or talents - your comfort zone

  • other reason(s)

We all need a reason or reasons for the things that we choose to do. These reasons give us rationalization, justification, direction, purpose, meaning, and motivation to do those things.

For me becoming a Pampered Chef Consultant was a gradual decision. My good friend Alice Schneider has been a Pampered Chef Consultant for over 20 years. Over the years, I’ve seen how successful she has been as a consultant and her approach to selling products and growing her business.

Several events have converged in my life recently making this the ideal time for me to begin this journey as a consultant - a kitchen renovation, becoming a first-time grandparent, reduced hours at work which led me to consider other options for income generation, the negative economic effects of COVID-19 on my community, and the need to improve my work-life balance to name a few!

As a physician I could choose any number of employment opportunities but none of those would give me the work flexibility and work-life balance that I’m looking for.

Besides all of the above reasons, I also want the ability to use my medical skills in a new way to impact more people on a much larger scale than I can impact in the 1-to-1 doctor-patient visit by combining my skills as a Pampered Chef Consultant with my medical and obesity training providing healthful, nutritious options with an emphasis on reaching and maintaining a healthy weight.

I also want the ability to positively impact my community through fundraising to help sustain and grow our local nonprofits as well as the international nonprofit that I founded in 2002, Helping Hands Healing Ministries, Inc.

All of the above-stated reasons provide direction, purpose, meaning, and motivation for me. These reasons for my choice to become a Pampered Chef Consultant define success for me and living to my fullest potential.

I look forward to becoming debt-free, having work-life balance, being a highly-effective person, and still having the energy and ability to be of service to others.

Being debt-free and increasing our retirement nest egg will make easing into retirement much easier for my husband and me and allow us to remain independent longer so as not to be a burden on our children who will be busy raising their own families.

These accomplishments will lead to a sense of fulfillment, success, and a life well-lived.

The amount of time I spend on work currently is not sustainable if I want to accomplish all of my goals. Working smarter as a Pampered Chef Consultant will open up more time so that I can accomplish my goals and dreams. I am ready to begin this journey!

What is your motivation and what is holding you back? I would love to help you explore your options. Please contact me if you have an interest or questions. You can also learn more about becoming an independent Pampered Chef consultant here.

To your health and wealth,

Margie C. Sweeney, MD, OFS, CPC, Dipl. ABOM

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