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Chef DrMargie's Jambalaya - South of the Border Style


Notes about this recipe:

The items mentioned in this recipe are:

Quick Slice - item #1181

Manual Food Processor - item #2593

Scoop Loop - item #1142

Garlic Press - item #2576

Quick Cooker - item #100011

These items can be found in my Pampered Chef store at

You’ll want to note that this recipe is low in calories and moderate in carbs and fat. It is high in sodium but the sodium content can be reduced by using low-sodium chicken broth and choosing sausage that has a lower sodium content. The Creole Seasoning that I used was also high in sodium so you can either reduce the amount of seasoning or get a low-sodium brand.

I call my recipe South of the Border because it has a pretty hot sausage. If you want a milder Jambalaya, you’ll want to get a milder sausage.

I hope you enjoy this recipe and as always, I’d love to hear your comments!

To your health and wealth,

Chef DrMargie

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