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Chef DrMargie's Scrappy Chili


Notes about this recipe:

The Quick Cooker is item #100011 and the garlic press is item #2576 in my Pampered Chef store at I love my Quick Cooker. It cuts cooking time dramatically as you can see from the above recipe. You can even make cheese cake and bread in your Quick Cooker! I also love my garlic press. You just put the garlic clove in the press and squeeze. No need to get garlic smell on your hands or teary eyes from dicing the garlic and when you press the garlic it releases more of the flavor!

Some comments about this chili recipe: It is very filling so a bowl could be your meal. As you can see, it is pretty well-balanced in the ratio of carbs:protein:fat. It is not low-fat however, packing in 41.5% of calories from fat. If fat is a concern, you will want to substitute a leaner meat.

This recipe is also not low-sodium but if you substitute the canned tomatoes and beans for fresh ingredients you can significantly reduce the sodium but you would be increasing your meal prep time because you would need to cook the beans. If you want to keep your meal prep time short, however, you can use fresh tomatoes and keep the canned beans but rinse them thoroughly before use to reduce some of the sodium load and be sure not to add the liquid from the can to your recipe. Instead, you might add ¼ to ⅓ cup of water to the recipe.

This recipe is also not low-carb. Almost half of the calories come from carbohydrates! If you need a lower carb version, you can eliminate the flour, use green tomatoes, and white kidney beans. This will get you closer to 20 grams of carbs or about 27% of calories from carbohydrates. That’s a lot better than 50%!

Let me know if you enjoyed this recipe. If you made any modifcations or substitutions or have any other suggestions, I would love to hear them. We all benefit from each other so please share!

To your health and wealth,

Chef DrMargie

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